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Welcome to Tribeca Restaurant

The menu is designed for vegetarians, as well as all the guests who do not eat meat. Healthy food is also very tasty, and we make our specialties available to everyone.

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For Vegetarians


With a cup of good coffee and a daily newspaper, you could start your day. Enjoy a great selection of rich breakfasts.

Tribeca is a place where you can make a break after shopping, have a chat with friends in the center of the city or to escape temporarily from crowded Knez Mihailova Street.

Cocktail is a mixture of various strong alcoholic beverages and liqueurs. Each cocktail is given the name according to the component that is most represented in the mixture, which gives the main organoleptic feature.

Cocktails are perfect for relaxation and enjoyment. Feel the spirit of exotics in the center of Belgrade in the New York way.

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About us

In the very heart of the city, a refined restaurant with a long tradition attracts a large number of citizens, the elderly and younger generations. The Tribeca restaurant is famous for exceptional hospitality, quality, and delicious cuisine, and feel that you are "at home". Great love for gastronomy and a constant desire for innovation contributes to the fact that the restaurant is one of the most popular and most visited restaurants in Belgrade.

Breakfast with free coffee, wines from a rich wine list served in glasses as well, a large selection of high-quality meat, home-grown vegetables is just some of the qualities that this restaurant offers to its guests.

Restaurant Tribeca, in accordance with its mission "Food, friends & fun", offers the right enjoyment for all senses!



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